argumentative essay on homework should not be banned

Most students might feel that homework is an extremely tedious and useless task to do but throw me tomatoes and banana peels because I believe otherwise. Homework can help students in a plethora of ways both consciously and unconsciously. First and foremost, students are bound to become more responsible by
So that concludes the end of my persuasive essay top three reasons homework is bad: overwhelming, interference and dislike. One country named Finland has already fixed their school system there is no homework there is recess for 75 minutes, 9-17 students per class and no tests until you are 16 years old. Report Post.
Read the pros and cons of the debate homework should not be banned. ... There is a huge diversity of tasks that might be given by teachers: researches, getting information from different sources, writing essays expressing individual opinions, participating in debates, watching videos and writing reviews. Some tasks might
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Additionally, any extracurricular activities are also put on hold. Homework is nothing more than a scapegoat for teachers so that they can pawn off their due responsibilities on parents and students. Homework should be banned for students Kindergarten through 8th grade because the negative effects do not out weight the
People continue to argue whether homework assignments should be excluded from school curriculum. This article will explain why it should not be.
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School without homework is not an image I can fathom. There are many reasons homework should not be abolished as it is beneficial towards the student, allows the teacher to acknowledge the student's weaknesses; in turn giving them an opportunity to improve and acquire ... see more:why should homework be banned.
Another reason homework should be banned is because of the struggle and stress it puts on parents. The job of being a parent is demanding and homework is tacking on unnecessary stress. In most cases students rely on their parents to help them do their homework. Many parents do not have the time needed to assist

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